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Place Marketing

Mary Harris on the Future of Place Branding: Tech, Storytelling, and Strategy

Explore Mary Harris's illuminating insights into the intersection of technology, storytelling, and place branding in our exclusive interview.

Rod Crider on Economic Development in the USA: Then and Now

Rod Crider of Rowan County EDC on economic development practice in the USA: how it has changed over time, keys to success and how it differs across regions.

City Nation Place Global Forum 2021: Conference Preview

A quick overview by Clare Dewhirst on what participants of the City Nation Place Global Forum 2021 can expect, including speakers and topics.

Marketing Countries, Places, and Place-associated Brands – Book Review

Nicolas Papadopoulos on the key insights shared in the new book, Marketing Countries, Places and Place-associated Brands: Identity and Image.

Why Greater Zurich Area? Sonja Wollkopf Walt on How the Region Attracts Investors and Talent

Sonja Wollkopf Walt discusses how the Greater Zurich Area attracts investors and why the leading European high-tech hub continues to appeal to talent.

Moa Björnson on How to Attract Talent to a Remote Archipelago: Example Træna in Norway

Moa Björnson shares how the archipelago of Træna in Norway is attracting entrepreneurs and talent - and a good deal of attention - through its innovative place branding initiatives.
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