Taipei – Sustainability Performance, City Brand Strength and Reputation

Taipei is a vibrant metropolis that seamlessly blends traditional Taiwanese culture with modern urban development. Known for its bustling night markets, innovative technology sector, and the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, Taipei embodies a harmonious integration of rich historical heritage and contemporary advancements.

Taipei’s economy is significantly bolstered by its robust technology sector. The city is a major hub for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), housing numerous global tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Cisco. With a commitment to sustainability, technological innovation, and economic growth, Taipei stands out as a leading destination in Asia.

But how does Taipei perform in terms of economic performance, city brand strength, and reputation according to leading rankings and indices?

Let’s explore:

  • Taipei’s competitiveness and financial performance
  • Taipei’s brand strength and global attractiveness
  • Livability: Taipei’s appeal for digital nomads and locals

Taipei’s Competitiveness and Financial Performance

How attractive is Taipei as a place to work and do business?

According to the Global Financial Centres Index 35, Taipei ranks 73rd globally, decreasing 6 ranks, reflecting its status as a competitive financial hub. Taipei’s GFCI Fintech rank is 66th, showing an improvement of 5 positions.

According to 2thinknow’s Innovation Cities Index 2022-2023, Taipei ranks 52nd, highlighting its leading role as a center for innovation, despite a decrease of 29 positions.

Taipei’s Brand Strength and Global Attractiveness

Which subfactors help and hurt the brand of Taipei?

Resonance’s 2024 World’s Best Cities Report ranks Taipei 42nd, with specific scores in:

  • Livability: 52nd
  • Lovability: 52nd
  • Prosperity: 42nd

The report notes that Taiwan is committed to urban transformations through the New Taipei City Climate Action Plan, which focuses on greener buildings, smarter transportations, cleaner energy and more efficient sustainable natural resource allocation.

Kearney’s 2023 Global Cities Report places Taipei 59th, dropping 8 positions. In the Global Cities Outlook, Taipei ranks 16th, decreasing by 2 positions.

The Global Power City Index 2023 ranks Taipei 35th overall. In terms of function-specific rankings:

  • Economy: 27th
  • R&D: 26th
  • Cultural Interaction: 44th
  • Livability: 22nd
  • Environment: 19th
  • Accessibility: 31st

Livability: Taipei Attractive for Digital Nomads and Locals?

Which aspects of Taipei’s urban living make it an attractive place to live, work, and study?

The Mercer Quality of Living City Ranking places Taipei 82nd. The Mercer Cost of Living Ranking ranks Taipei 57th, showing a significant decrease of 29 positions.

The Arcadis Sustainability City Index 2022 ranks Taipei 46th overall, with specific ranks of:

  • Planet: 71st
  • People: 20th
  • Profit: 29th

Taipei stands out in the overall rankings, as it is one of four Asian cities to be in the top half, a result of the city’s improving Profit score.

Lastly, Taipei is home to several prestigious educational institutions. According to the Times Higher Education ranking, National Taipei University of Technology ranks within the 801-1000 range, and Taipei Medical University (TMU) ranks within the 401-500 range. The QS World University Ranking ranks the National Taipei University of Technology 431st, and Taipei Medical University (TMU) 577th.

Last updated in June 2024.

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