Recommended Place Brand Consultants

Looking for a place brand consultant, someone to help you with the development or management of a branding strategy for your commercial development, city, region, destination, country?

We recommend the following consultants specialized in place branding, wayfinding, storytelling, placemaking, communication and design:



2thinknow (Melbourne, Berlin, San Francisco) offers specialized skills and insights in innovation derived from data science, data algorithms and data analysis which can be applied to achieve awesome city branding and placemaking results based on logical, rational data.

Director: Christopher Hire

Bloom Consulting

Bloom Consulting (Madrid, London) is a place brand strategy consultancy, pioneering the concept of the Digital Place and Digital Identity: places known for their commitment to digital technologies as a way of organizing their economies, their governance, their place-making, place branding and promotion.

President: Malcolm Allan | CEO: Jose Filipe Torres | Partner: Gonzalo Vilar (Auckland, New Zealand): Visual content marketing and storytelling at scale. Meet Brandkit – the world’s first visual curation platform. Find and curate all your visual assets. Distribute at scale. Publish at scale.

Entro Communications

With a legacy dating back 50 years and a team of over 45 in offices in Toronto, Calgary and Zürich, Entro is a world leader in the field of branding and environmental design.

For the Love of Place

For the Love of Place (Netherlands) is a solid, knowledgeable and well-connected partner for politicians, civil servants and those professionals tasked with building resilient, sustainable and effective organizations capable of executing strategies that genuinely help the people and the places they seek to serve.

Director: Martin Boisen | Researcher profile

Future Place Leadership

Future Place Leadership (HQ: Stockholm) is a Nordic management consultancy specialising in the development, innovation and marketing of places. It empowers places – cities, regions and countries – by providing proven and inspiring strategic advice to improve their ability to innovate in order to attract talent, investments and become a contemporary place.

CEO: Pärtel-Peeter Pere | Co-Founder: Marcus Andersson

Grounded Brands

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Grounded is committed to giving place brands the power to move forward, adapting and reaping the opportunities of a wider, more dynamic marketplace.

Director: Joao Freire | Researcher profile


Hoyne is a strategically led creative agency, and the Australian authority and a global voice in Place VisioningTM, property branding and marketing.

Director: Andrew Hoyne | Speaker profile

Institute for Identity INSTID

INSTID, the Institute for Identity, helps create emotional connections between places and people. Places become economically robust and resilient, attractive to visitors and talent, and inspiring and interesting to residents.

Head of Research: Natasha Grand | Speaker profile

Maísa Prieto

Maísa Prieto (Santiago, Chile): independent consultant focused on tourism destination branding, tourism destination marketing strategy, innovation in tourism  and product development.

Placemark Solutions

Placemark Solutions (USA) is committed to helping businesses and destinations create sustainable solutions that benefit both visitors and locals. We believe that tourism, when carefully developed and managed, has potential to contribute solutions to some of the grand challenges faced by society.

Places for Us

Places for Us in São Paulo is the first consulting firm in Brazil specialized in place branding. It contributes to the strengthening of communities and places, identifying vocations, strengthening identities, creating resilience and improving people’s quality of life.

Directed by Caio Esteves

Resonance Consultancy

Vancouver / NYC: As leading global advisors in real estate, tourism, and economic development, Resonance combines business strategy and marketing creativity to shape the future of destinations and developments around the world. Its award-winning services span strategy, branding, marketing and research.

President & CEO: Chris Fair | Speaker profile

Robert Govers

Robert Govers (Antwerp, Belgium) is chairman of the International Place Branding Association, managing research partner of, and an advisor, scholar, speaker and author on the reputation of cities, regions and countries. He has worked in over ten countries and as advisor focuses on helping communities become more admired.

Speaker profile | Researcher profile

Scope Communications

Scope Communications (Copenhagen, Denmark): consultancy specialising in place branding strategies, storytelling, concept development and crisis management.

Directed by Hjörtur Smárason | Speaker profile

Seam Social Labs

Seam Social Labs: a group of social researchers, strategists, marketers, and analytical minds dedicated to economic sustainability in revitalizing areas. We work on innovation sprints, marketing campaigns, and place-based branding projects to ensure communities thrive amidst change.

Soydanbay Consulting

Every place has a story. And every place has to tell a story. At Soydanbay Consulting (Montreal, Canada) we uncover the narrative of a place by drawing parallels between branding and depth psychology; management and systems thinking; places and mythology. Thinking about places as stories. That’s what we do. That’s what we love.

Directed by Günter Soydanbay | Speaker profile

SSAM Company

SSAM Company, the consulting business of Chang-Sik SEOL in Seoul, Republic of Korea, specializes in city branding, perception and reputation of cities, relationships among stakeholders in city development, and operational strategies of destination marketing organization.

Story Engine

Story Engine (Edmonton, Canada) helps underestimated and misunderstood places build a central narrative, a master story, and to bring it to life with a coherent and consistent strategy that involves citizens as much as governments.

Led by Todd Babiak | Speaker profile

The Burghard Group

The Burghard Group is dedicated to changing the current paradigm of economic development from a focus on job growth to a focus on helping residents more easily achieve their dreams.

Led by Ed Burghard

Total Destination Marketing

Total Destination Marketing (USA) is a highly experienced place branding and tourism planning agency. We are celebrating over 25 years assisting hundreds of cities, regions, and counties across America and around the world with their place branding, destination marketing and tourism and economic development challenges.

Led by Bill Baker | Speaker profile


Toronto, Canada: Brand builders working at the intersection of commerce, culture and community, providing place-based strategies, stakeholder engagement, design and communications.

Led by Jeannette Hanna | Speaker profile

Up There, Everywhere

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE (Stockholm, Uppsala, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, New York) is the world’s first global cloud based agency: a brand and digital marketing consultancy.

With a community of 180 international specialists ranging from marketing strategy and place branding to communications, content and creative, UP hand picks the ideal team for each individual project to support clients in developing their marketing from start to finish.

Led by Julian Stubbs


VMO (Seattle, USA) provides marketing consulting services to America’s most innovative commercial real estate owners and developers to create unique brands and creative solutions that enrich lives, buildings, businesses, and communities.

Yellow Railroad

Yellow Railroad is an international destination consultancy based in Edinburgh, Scotland. “We help destinations unearth their competitive mojo, so they can stand out on the world stage. In business jargon, they call it place branding and destination management planning; we call it positioning places for people and profit. We bring worldwide expertise to local places.”

Led by Tom Buncle | Speaker profile