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As a destination marketer, developer, or manager, do you strive to balance sustainable tourism with community well-being? Are you looking to elevate your destination's identity in harmony with global sustainability goals?

Welcome to the Destination Observatory, where we blend the latest in destination branding with a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Discover inspiring stories, practical strategies, and insightful reports on how top destinations worldwide are fostering sustainable, community-centered tourism.

Uncover the secrets behind successful destinations that excel in attractiveness, prosperity, and sustainability. Learn with us how to position your destination as a leader in ethical and impactful tourism on the global stage.

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Destination Impact Stories

Explore our destination impact stories, focusing on examples of community well-being, nature regeneration, and sustainable economic development. These stories blend data from rankings and surveys with insights from our TPBO panel and audience, providing a comprehensive perspective on each destination's approach to sustainability, its unique challenges, and opportunities.

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Latest destination impact stories:


Martin Vincenz on Tourism Sustainability and Marketing Destination Graubuenden

Martin Vincenz shares his thoughts on Destination Graubuenden in Eastern Switzerland - how it has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the trend towards sustainable development - and the region's destination marketing priorities.
Brian Mullis, Guyana Tourism

Brian Mullis on How Guyana Promotes Sustainable Tourism Through Innovative Destination...

Brian T. Mullis in this interview shares how the South American country Guyana approaches sustainable destination development by focusing on community-based tourism and value over volume in its destination marketing.
Slovenia report on smart destination branding and sustainable tourism

Slovenia: Smart Destination Branding for Sustainable Tourism – Special Report

Slovenia: how the popular European destination is using smart destination branding to support sustainable tourism, and how its focus on sustainability is benefiting its appeal and reputation. Special report on why Slovenia focuses on sustainability, how they do it, and lessons learned: keys to success and pitfalls to avoid.

Who Is Who in Destination Branding

Explore insights from our 'Who’s Who' of destination branding experts. These leaders have left a significant impact, influencing not just their jurisdictions but also broader community well-being and sustainable development. Engage with the world of destination branding, covering everything from innovative strategies to the latest trends and challenges in creating strong destination images, reputations, and brands.

Featuring our most popular interviews with influential destination branding experts and legacy-makers::

Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir on Destination Branding and Iceland

Inga Hlin Palsdottir, Director at Promote Iceland, about her experiences of promoting Iceland as destination and developing the country's nation brand positioning.

Destination Brand Impact Case Studies & Success Strategies

Our case studies showcase real-world examples of destination branding that emphasize sustainability and community impact. These thorough analyses provide essential insights for planners, policymakers, and researchers, focusing on strategies and initiatives that drive successful, sustainable destination development and support community well-being.

AMAALA Destination Case Study: Reinventing Luxury Through Sustainability in Saudi Arabia

AMAALA: Luc Speisser of Landor & Fitch illustrates the process of developing the destination logo and visual identity, based on luxury and sustainability.

Seeing Azerbaijan From a New Point of View – Destination Branding by Landor

Azerbaijan wasn't well known and when people knew about it, their perceptions were often outdated. Brand consultancy Landor explains how its destination branding strategy helped to change this.

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