Summary of Poznan Best Place Branding and Marketing Summit 2014

A select group of place branding and marketing researchers met in September 2014 on the initiative of the European Place Marketing Institute at the Poznań Best Place Summit in Poland. For the first time, the most prominent specialists, from various countries, meet in one place to discuss the standards, possible solutions and challenges in the area of place marketing in Europe.

Watch this video to get to know some of the key thinkers, shakers and doers in the place branding field.


Place Management and Branding Conference 2015

The 3rd Institute of Place Management Conference will be organized by Poznań University of Economics (Faculty of Management) on the 6th-8th May 2015 together with Manchester Metropolitan University and Stockholm University (Stockholm Programme of Place Branding).

The title of the conference is “Sustainability, liveability and connectivity” and the three main themes of the conference will be place management, place branding and the influence of global trends on places.

About the European Place Marketing Institute

According to its website, the European Place Marketing Institute is a society of experts, a think-tank in regards to place marketing, working actively for the development of cities, regions and countries. The Institute supports the development of place marketing through research, teaching, advise and work on perfecting the marketing for the sustainable development of places. Here’s more

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