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Christopher Hire on Cities, Innovation and City Branding

Christopher Hire, Executive Director of 2thinknow Innovation Agency, talks about city attractiveness, economic development and the main challenges cities face with regard to brand image and reputation.

Country Brand Rankings – What’s the Point?

Article on country branding rankings and indices, and their use for investors, tourism and economic development professionals.

City Reputation Ranking 2014: Insights and Interpretations

Summary of key insights from the 2014 City Reputation Ranking by the Reputation Institute, and interpretations of results.

Why Germany First in 2014 Nation Brands Index Is Good News

Summary and thoughts on result of Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index 2014: Reasons and implications of Germany as most admired country and nation brand.

Simon Anholt Explains Good Country Index

Interview with Simon Anholt on the Good Country Index - measuring responsibility and sustainability of nations and countries on the global stage.

Japan, Switzerland and Germany Lead Country Brand Index 2014

Japan, Switzerland, Germany have the strongest country brands, according to Country Brand Index 2014. But what makes a strong country brand? Some answers.
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