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Which Are the World’s Most Innovative Cities? Ranking Reveals Champions, Laggards, and Potentials

Discover the 2023 ranking of the world's most innovative cities. See which urban centers lead in innovation and which are emerging hubs.

Design Thinking and Place Branding: Transforming Environments through Empathy, Collaboration, and Innovation

Discover the transformative potential of design thinking in place branding. With insights from industry experts.

How Innovative Place Branding Can Boost Sustainable Development – And Vice Versa

Expert views on how innovative place branding initiatives can boost the sustainable development of countries, cities and destinations.

Switzerland Tops Most Innovative Countries Ranking 2019

Switzerland is world's most innovative country for the second year, according to the 2019 Global Innovation Index. Here a summary of what makes Switzerland so innovative, and some of the other key findings from the study.

World’s Most Innovative Cities 2018: Ranking Reveals Winners, Losers, Trends

Innovation Cities Index 2018: World's most innovative cities revealed - learn about the winners, losers and trends in this Q&A with Christopher Hire.

How to Communicate Your Innovation City Brand in 5 Steps

How to communicate your innovation city brand in five simple steps - city marketing expert advice by Christopher Hire of 2thinknow consultancy.
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