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New York City

New York City – Economic Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

New York City's economic performance, sustainability, brand strength and reputation, according to international rankings and indices.

Steven Pedigo on City Branding, Economic Development and Urban Sustainability

Steven Pedigo of the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate discusses city branding, economic development, talent attraction and urban sustainability.

Eduardo Oliveira on Place Branding and Strategic Spatial Planning

Eduardo Oliveira in this interview discusses the role of place branding in spatial planning strategies and how social media is used in destination branding.

Which Are the Best Cities in America to Live, Work and Study in 2017?

Which are the best cities in America to live, work and study in 2017? Chris Fair of Resonance Consultancy summarizes key findings in the Best Cities Report.

Fred Dixon on New York City Branding and Reputation Management

Fred Dixon in this interview shares his thoughts on city branding, place identity and reputation management of New York City.

Gordon Innes on City Branding, Placemaking and Economic Development

Gordon Innes in this interview shares his thoughts on city branding, economic development challenges and the benefits of integrated place management.
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