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Place Branding

Zürich City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Zürich: how attractive for investors, talent, businesses and visitors? Overview of latest rankings and studies on Zürich's economic performance, its livability, sustainability, appeal for digital nomads, brand strength and reputation.

Gwen Zuring on Brabant Place Brand Management Strategies

How Brabant in the Netherlands approaches regional branding and place brand management: interview with Gwen Zuring.

Shopping Centers: Opportunity for Community Development?

How can shopping centers support place branding and strengthen community identity? Expert panel of city specialists share their thoughts.

Unlocking Public Value: How Privately Owned Place Brands Empower Thriving Communities

Discover the potential value that privately owned place brands can bring to communities. Insights shared by our expert panel.

The Winning Formula: How Government and Property Developers Collaborate for Successful Place Branding

Collaboration between government and property developers in place branding: Discover the benefits to shape vibrant, successful places.

Private Property Developers vs. Government Entities: Who Is Better at Place Branding?

Discover the strengths of private property developers vs government entities in creating strong place brands, according to industry experts.
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