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Mariusz Sagan on Shaping Lublin: Innovative Strategies for a Dynamic City Brand

Discover how Mariusz Sagan is driving Lublin’s development and growth through innovative strategies and collaborations in our interview.

Lublin City Showcase

Discover Lublin, Poland's vibrant city of culture and innovation. Explore its unique identity, economic growth, and strategic initiatives.

Poland Country Performance, Nation Brand Strength and Reputation

Poland: its economic performance, country brand strength and reputation, according to studies measuring economic competitiveness, livability, soft power and sustainability.

Place Brand Trigger Explained – TPBO Strategy Innovation Lab

Piotr Lutek of Synergia place marketing agency in Lublin, Poland, introduces us to the Place Brand Trigger approach to place branding.

Piotr Lutek on Place Branding in Poland: Challenges, Success Strategies and Trends

Piotr Lutek of Synergia in Lublin in this interview discusses the current state of place marketing and branding in Poland and Eastern Europe, and shares his thoughts on city branding trends, challenges and success strategies.

Marta Hereźniak on Place Brand Effectiveness Measurement and How to Involve Stakeholders

Marta Hereźniak in this interview discusses place brand effectiveness measurement, stakeholder engagement, place brand identity and city branding in Central and Eastern Europe.
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