Shalini Bisani

My Key Takeaways from the Doctoral Colloquium of the International Place Branding Association Conference in Swansea, December 2017

Shalini Bisani shares her key takeaways from the doctoral colloquium of the International Place Branding Association conference which took place in Swansea, Wales, early December 2017.

Northamptonshire: Example of a County and Destination in Need of Strategic Place Brand Management

Shalini Bisani discusses the state of Northamptonshire, image and identity, and why the county needs a strategic approach to regional brand development and destination management.

How Incredible India and the Reputation of London Led Me to PhD in Place Branding

Shalini Bisani tells us how the "Incredible India" marketing campaign and the reputation of London led her to pursue a PhD in Place Branding in the UK.
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