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Robert Haigh: Brand Finance

Meet Robert Haigh, Brand Finance's Director of Strategy and Sustainability in charge of sustainability research and consulting.

Pumela Salela: Changing Brand Africa

Pumela Salela is on a mission to brand Africa one country at a time. Discover her inspiring journey and connect with her as a speaker and advisor.

Jeremie Feinblatt: Resonance Consultancy

Get to know Jeremie Feinblatt of Resonance Consultancy: his background and expertise in city marketing and urban economic development.

Chris Fair: Leading Resonance Consultancy

Explore our professional profile of Chris Fair, the president and CEO of Resonance Consultancy specialized in place development, marketing.

Leonardo Nieto on Advancing Colombia’s Place Branding and Destination Management

Explore Leonardo Nieto's thoughts on Colombia's place branding and destination management: challenges, successes and trends.

Maria Lypiatska on Leading Brand Ukraine with Resilience and Vision

Discover how Maria Lypiatska, Head of Brand Ukraine, navigates the challenges of nation branding during crisis. Interview.
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