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SSAM Company

SSAM Company, the consulting business of Chang-Sik SEOL in Seoul, Republic of Korea, specializes in city branding, perception and reputation of cities, relationships among stakeholders in city development, and operational strategies of destination marketing organization.

Institute for Identity (INSTID)

Company profile of INSTID, the Institute for Identity. Specialists in place identity, iconic graphic design, social anthropology, place personality, creating a tradition.

Heather Skinner Researcher Profile

Heather Skinner as researcher focuses on place management, marketing, branding, culture and responsible tourism. More in her researcher profile.

Joao Freire Researcher Profile

Joao Freire as place branding researcher focuses on place brand image, architecture, models of governance and brand attributes. More in his researcher profile.

Seam Social Labs

Seam Social Labs: New York-based social researchers, strategists, marketers, and analytical minds dedicated to economic sustainability in revitalizing areas.

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