Australia Country Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

How much soft power has Australia managed to achieve, despite its geographical isolation? Are exports somehow influenced by the remoteness of the country? Read about the country's reputation and competitiveness, and the performance of Australia as nation brand.

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Ease of doing business in Australia;
  • Australia's global competitiveness and talent attraction potential;
  • The environmental performance of Australia;
  • Life quality in Australia and its performance as a "Good Country";
  • The soft power of Australia and the value of its nation brand.

Doing business in Australia

How easy is it to start a business in Australia, and how competitive is the country's financial market?

Australia ranks 14th in OECD’s Ease of Doing Business index 2018. The country’s strongest asset is enforcing contracts (3rd), getting credit (6th) and dealing with construction permits (6th). On the other hand, trading across borders is more complicated and costly for businesses based in Australia, leaving it on the 95th position in this dimension.

In ten years’ time, Australia’s overall ranking has fallen five positions, in comparison to 2008. The biggest negative change has occurred in the dimension of across border trading, in which Australia ranked 34th a decade ago.

Australia’s overall ranking in the 2017-18 Global Competitiveness Index is 21st. Its strongest pillar is the development of its financial market (6th) and the level of higher education and training (9th). The country’s weakest pillars are infrastructure, business sophistication and labor— and goods market efficiency, all ranking 28th.

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