25th Economic Forum on Place Brands – Krynica-Zdroj (Poland) 8-10 September 2015

For those of you participating in the 25th Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj (Poland), 8-10 September 2015 – the region’s leading conference and meeting point for business thinkers, shakers and doers – there’s a panel on place branding on you don’t want to miss:

Place Brands: Managing the Reputation of Cities, Regions and Countries.

The session is organised in cooperation with The Place Brand Observer and has a great line-up of speakers:

  • Robert Govers, Managing Research Partner, The Good Country Initiative, Belgium;
  • Marc Wagener, Director of Current Affairs, Fondation Idea asbl, Luxembourg;
  • Conny Moonen, Director, Connect Limburg, The Netherlands;
  • Daniel Trachsler, Head Division Strategy and Communication, Présence Suisse, Switzerland;
  • Frida Roberts, Head of Communications Unit, Swedish Institute (SI), Sweden;
  • Aleksey Krugov, Professor, Stavropol State University, Russia;
  • Walter Koren, Director General – Advantage Austria, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Austria;
  • Filip Szatanik, Deputy Director, City of Krakow, Poland.

The debate will be moderated by Dr Magdalena Florek, place branding expert at the Poznan University of Economics, and member of the European Place Marketing Institute, Poland.

The audience will learn which cities, regions and countries excel in place branding. The speakers will also explain what is the difference between place branding and “normal” marketing and what factors influence the choice of the brand and its successful promotion.

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The Editorial Team

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