Interview with Conny Moonen of Connect Limburg on Cross-Border Regional Branding in Europe

Conny Moonen of Connect Limburg, the organisation responsible for the place brand management of the Dutch region, in this interview offers insights into the work of a place brand organisation: the challenges and benefits. She also discusses the trends she observes regarding the branding of regions in Europe.

Learn about:

  • Which regions serve Conny as sources of inspiration for her work at Connect Limburg;
  • The main challenges of developing a regional brand positioning;
  • The role of political and business leaders in place branding;
  • How Connect Limburg measures the effectiveness of its brand management work;
  • Trends in regional branding in Europe.

Conny, with a professional background in product management and business development, what got you interested in the branding of places?

Having been born in Limburg, I have a very strong connection with the region. And I am convinced that the Limburg is developing at an amazing speed. Therefore, in my opinion it is key that we “spread the word”. And indeed, with a professional background in branding and business development, this role is a perfect match for me.

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The Editorial Team

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