Magdalena Florek on City Branding and Destination Marketing in Poland

Magdalena Florek, Vice Chairman at the International Place Branding Association, co-founder of the Best Place European Place Marketing Institute and Associate Professor at the Poznan University of Economics, in this interview shares her thoughts on city marketing, destination branding and country reputation.

Learn about:

  • How marketing goals tend to be unskillfully set and loosely defined;
  • The difference between place branding, place marketing and place management, and why they are all interconnected;
  • The key issues with measuring place brand equity and the success of place marketing initiatives;
  • Why implementation is the most difficult phase of the place marketing process;
  • The current state of place marketing in Poland and other Central/Eastern European countries;
  • How and where to find suitable place branding specialists.

Magdalena, a few words on your current work and professional background?

I received my Ph.D. and post-doctoral degree in Management and Marketing. Since completion of master studies, my main focus has been place marketing, a novelty in Poland over a decade ago.

I started working on small projects which were the first attempts at implementing the marketing concept to places. These projects were often experimental and from today’s perspective, not very sophisticated.

My current focus is on the development of place marketing frameworks and solutions that are useful both for academics and practitioners.

Recently my main interest has been place brand equity as a tool to measure place branding performance, as well as place attachment. I have also rekindled my interest in the place-of-origin effect in my search for other perspectives of this phenomena. I have been invariably interested in the broadly defined place brand management.

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