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Christopher Hire

4 Things Australia Can Teach Asia in City Branding – And Vice Versa

Christopher Hire on city branding and urban development in Australia and Asia, and what Australian and Asian cities can learn from each other.

How to Communicate Your Innovation City Brand in 5 Steps

How to communicate your innovation city brand in five simple steps - city marketing expert advice by Christopher Hire of 2thinknow consultancy.

7 Placemaking and Visitor Experience Lessons from Eastern Europe

Christopher Hire on placemaking, city branding and visitor experience in Eastern European cities: challenges and opportunities.

3 Key Insights from Innovation Cities Index 2016-2017

Christopher Hire of Australian consultancy 2thinknow shares three crucial insights and lessons for cities from the Innovation Cities Index 2016-2017.

How to Develop an Innovation Placemaking Strategy in Five Simple Steps

Christopher Hire of 2thinknow consultancy has five tips for developing an Innovation Placemaking Strategy, offering Melbourne, Dubai and Singapore as examples.

The Beauty of the Less Significant — City Branding by Other Means

Christopher Hire calls for city branding which is playful, light and experimental. Learn from giants like Paris, or minnows in Japan.
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