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Rodney Payne on Tourism Sentiment Index by Destination Think

The Tourism Sentiment Index explained - Rodney Payne, CEO of Destination Think! marketing consultancy, tells us how the index works and which have been the key findings in the first, 2019 edition.

How to Measure Place Branding Impact Through Rankings and Indices

Overview of indices and rankings which can be useful for measuring the impact and effectiveness of place branding activities, by Robert Govers.

How to Use Place Brand Rankings

Place brand expert Svetlana Masjutina on how to use place brand rankings and reputation indices. Useful tips for city, destination, nation brand managers.

Place Brand Rankings and Indices: Overview

Place brand rankings: city, country and destination indices recommended by place brand specialists interviewed by The Place Brand Observer.

New Ranking Presents World’s Top 100 Green Destinations

Introducing the TOP 100 Green Destinations Ranking - a new benchmark and assessment initiative aimed at helping destinations to improve their sustainability.

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