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Place Marketing

City Marketing Explained: Insights, Strategies, Examples

City marketing - why it matters and how to do it is the focus of this special page for city marketers, economic developers and city brand managers.

John Pearce on Provenance Marketing and How the Made in Britain Campaign Supports British Manufacturers Abroad

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain (MiB), in this interview illustrates how the non-profit organization is supporting British manufacturers abroad, how it is funded and the challenges Great Britain faces at the moment.

Brand Barcelona: New Book on Creating a City Identity

Barcelona as brand and the creation of its identity as community - the focus of a new book by Chelo Morillo, a marketing and...

Rodney Payne on Tourism Sentiment Index by Destination Think

The Tourism Sentiment Index explained - Rodney Payne, CEO of Destination Think! marketing consultancy, tells us how the index works and which have been the key findings in the first, 2019 edition.

Adam Mikolajczyk of Best Place Institute on Meaningful City Branding

Adam Mikolajcyk of the Best Place Institute in Poland shares his thoughts on the country's nation brand and the current state of city branding practices in Central and Eastern Europe.

How to Build Successful Place Brand Relationships in 3 Steps: Tips for Place Branders and Marketers

“What is a mother?” asks Clotaire Rapaille, the famous marketing consultant. He, then, answers by quoting the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss: “A mother is...
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