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Mikael Andéhn on the Meaning of Place, Capitalism and the Potential Limitations of Place Branding

Mikael Andéhn of Royal Holloway University of London in the UK in this interview elaborates on the meaning of places, capitalism and how it affects place branding and place marketing.

Begüm Tatari on the Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategy of the City of Izmir in Turkey

Begüm Tatari in this interview shares her experience of helping the Turkish city of Izmir with its city branding strategy and implementing its city marketing, especially the bid to be host city of the EXPO 2020.

Place Marketing: What It Is and How It Works

Place marketing - the umbrella term for the marketing of cities, regions, destinations and countries: how is it done? Which are the challenges, and trends place marketers need to know about? Answers to those and similar questions here.

City Marketing Explained: Insights, Strategies, Examples

City marketing - why it matters and how to do it is the focus of this special page for city marketers, economic developers and city brand managers.

John Pearce on Provenance Marketing and How the Made in Britain Campaign Supports British Manufacturers Abroad

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain (MiB), in this interview illustrates how the non-profit organization is supporting British manufacturers abroad, how it is funded and the challenges Great Britain faces at the moment.

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