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How Does Social Media Affect Place Brands? Opportunities and Risks

How do social media affect the brand of a country, city or destination? Most of us use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & co. but not...

Rodney Payne on Tourism Sentiment Index by Destination Think

The Tourism Sentiment Index explained - Rodney Payne, CEO of Destination Think! marketing consultancy, tells us how the index works and which have been the key findings in the first, 2019 edition.

Annette Pritchard on Tourism, Media Representations of Places and Destination Branding

Annette Pritchard, Professor of Tourism at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Director of the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research, reflects on tourism, destination branding and how film and media coverage impact place reputation.

Jesper Falkheimer on Place Branding, Media and Strategic Communication

Professor Jesper Falkheimer of Lund University in Sweden on the links between place branding, media and strategic communication.

Why Social Media Buzz Cannot Replace Place Branding

Back in 2013, Robert Govers published an interesting blog post on the now inactive Placebrandz website, in which he reflected on an exchange of ideas and arguments regarding social media and place branding that followed a conference. The post offered valuable insights, well worth sharing.

Jaume Marín on the Destination Branding of Costa Brava and Pyrenees, Catalonia

Destination Costa Brava Marketing Director Jaume Marín tells us about the growing importance of digital influencers and bloggers in destination branding.
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