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Svetlana Masjutina

Branding Cities Through History and Culture: Example Verona and Cannes

Svetlana Masjutina discusses the role of history, culture, events in the branding and brand positioning of cities, with Verona in Italy and the French city of Cannes as examples.

Not Just About Money: How Cities Become Leaders in Talent Attraction

Svetlana Masjutina shares her thoughts and provides examples of how cities can become leaders in talent attraction and retention, especially catering to the needs of the millennial workforce. Case studies include Houston, Nashville, Montreal.

Why Monocle’s 25 Most Liveable Cities List is my Favourite City Ranking

Place brand expert Svetlana Masjutina explains why Monocle Magazine's annual 25 Most Liveable Cities list is her favorite city ranking. Learn about the 2016 winners, rising stars and which cities could do more for their livability and sustainability.

Country Reputation: Sweden Tops 2016 RepTrak Ranking

2016 RepTrak Ranking: Sweden tops annual Country Reputation survey by Reputation Institute. Learn how this perception study works and which countries benefit from a favorable image abroad.

Destination Branding: How to Create a Sense of Place in Airports

Learn how destination branding is used as concept to create a sense of place at airports around the world. Article by our Expert Observer Svetlana Masjutina.

How to Use Place Brand Rankings

Place brand expert Svetlana Masjutina on how to use place brand rankings and reputation indices. Useful tips for city, destination, nation brand managers.
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