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Reflections on 2nd International Place Branding Association Conference in Swansea, 2017

Aleks Vladimirov reflects on the 2nd International Place Branding Association conference which took place in Swansea, Wales, in early December 2017.

Annette Pritchard on Tourism, Media Representations of Places and Destination Branding

Annette Pritchard, Professor of Tourism at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Director of the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research, reflects on tourism, destination branding and how film and media coverage impact place reputation.

Current State of Place Branding Practice in Europe

Place branding practice in Europe: European place brand developers, managers and marketers share their thoughts on place branding approaches in Europe.

Nigel Morgan on Destination Brands, Brexit, and Sporting Events

Nigel Morgan in this interview shares his thoughts on destination brands, the United Kingdom, Wales and the importance of sporting events for places and their brands.

Roger Pride on (Desti)Nation Brand Strategies and Wales

Roger Pride, place branding expert at brand consultancy Heavenly, London, on nation and destination branding of Wales.
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