Roger Pride on Nation Brand Strategies and the Destination Branding of Wales

Meet Roger Pride, managing partner of brand consultancy Heavenly in London, UK, experts in developing place brand strategies for nations and destinations. In this interview, Roger tells us about his strongest moments, place branding challenges and sources of inspiration.

Learn about:

  • Why place branding must go beyond communication;
  • How a successful positioning and brand strategy helps reinforce what makes a place special and appealing;
  • Why place branding should influence strategy and development and help improve the way in which people engage with and experience a place;
  • The nation branding of Wales - main challenges and achievements;
  • Roger's most memorable moments as marketing director of Visit Wales.

Roger, your main achievement as managing partner of Heavenly brand consultancy so far?

Making the decision to move from the public to the private sector after years of doing one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs in Wales was not easy. So I think making the successful transition to consultancy in a very competitive market is the biggest achievement.

I have benefited from being able to understand the challenge from the clients’ perspective. Having sat on their side of the table I understand the complex stakeholder environments which often surround place projects. We have been fortunate in winning some great projects.

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The Editorial Team

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