Nigel Morgan on Destination Brands, Brexit, Wales and Sporting Events

Nigel Morgan in this interview shares his thoughts on destination brands, the United Kingdom, Wales and the importance of sporting events for places and their brands.

Learn about:

  • The consequences of Brexit from a place brand and reputation point of view;
  • How the Brexit decision affects Nigel both personally and professionally;
  • How the branding of places can support sustainability;
  • Whether major sporting events have a lasting impact on the brand or reputation of places.

Nigel, do you remember the first time you thought about destinations as brands? What got you interested in destination branding and marketing?

In 1996 Annette Pritchard and I wrote a paper comparing the marketing communications of Wales, Scotland and Ireland and that got us both talking about destinations as brands. At that point I was just getting back into research as, after completing my PhD on seaside resort marketing in 1991, I had been working in PR and tourism marketing at a time when destination marketing was really taking off in the UK.

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The Editorial Team

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