Argentina Country Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Argentina: viewed as a nation highly performing in terms of wellbeing, how does the country fare when it comes to perceptions of corruption, talent, competitiveness, and international brand presence?

Let’s take a closer look at: 

  • Doing business in Argentina
  • Corruption and violence
  • Competitiveness as a destination
  • How “good” is Argentina?
  • Argentina’s country brand strength and digital demand

With thanks to our friends and knowledge partners Bloom Consulting and Brand Finance for supporting our country profiles by contributing latest research insights and benchmarking data.

Doing business in Argentina

Argentina ranks 126th out of 190 nations when measuring Ease of Doing Business. Scoring highly for starting a business, Argentina ranks most highly among the international community in the area of protecting minority investors – though most negatively performing in resolving insolvency.

Analyzing the country’s appeal for investors, the UNCTAD reports an increase of 5.06% from 2017 to 2018, while South America overall experienced a decrease of -6.4%.

The Boom Consulting Country Brand Ranking (Trade Edition 2019-2020) ranks Argentina 7th for the Americas, and 31st in its World report. The 2019 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness report assigns Argentina the 83rd place, with a score of 57.2 – tailing Albania and North Macedonia.

Corruption and violence

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 seats Argentina 85th, out of 180 assessed nations.

Argentina is feeling the effects of violence within its borders, as determined by the Economic Value of Peace report (2018). Nearing the median, Argentina ranks 87th out of 163 nations.

Competitiveness as a destination

Analysis of the Global Talent Competitiveness report (2018) shows Argentina ranks 49th out of 119 with key indicators being; enable (92nd), attract (68th), grow (34th), retain (51st), vocational and technical skills (48th) and global knowledge skills (56th).

Discussing the competitiveness of the destination, the Bloom Consulting Country Index (Tourism Edition 2019-2020) ranks Argentina 51st worldwide and 9th when compared those of the Americas, receiving a BBB ranking: not great but still considered ok.

According to the case study on Argentina’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness by the World Economic Forum of March 2020, recommendations for enhancing competitiveness would include advancing digital integration and digital strategy, developing destination branding and inclusive policy-making, and leveraging natural assets and trends in sustainable tourism.

How “good” is Argentina?

The Good Country Index ranks Argentina 81st overall, out of 153 countries; just ahead of the likes of Lebanon (82nd) and Ecuador (83rd). Argentina’s strongest performance is in the sub-factor World Order, where it achieves 43rd position, while its position in Planet & Climate is 59th.

The World Happiness Report of 2020 ranks Argentina 55th out of 153 nations, while the Happy Planet Index gives the country a good 19th out of 140, due to varying factors taken into consideration. A positive trend was recorded in the Global Peace Index, wherein Argentina shifted upwards 8 positions since last reported, now ranking 66th and trailing Equatorial Guinea (65th) and Moldova (64th).

In terms of environmental performance, Argentina ranks 74th out of 180 countries, in the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). It lands the 7th position within the regional cluster, championed by Costa Rica.

Argentina’s country brand strength and digital demand

Reflecting the perceptions of people in 73 nations, the Best Countries 2020 Report by US News lands Argentina the 42nd spot, with the strongest sub-factor being adventure and the weakest open for business.

Brand Finance observes an uptick in Argentina’s brand value of 7% from 2017 to 2018, only just behind Finland, Czech Republic, and Turkey, who saw a drastic decrease in value (-33%). Brand Finance‘s 2020 edition of the Global Soft Power Index ranks Argentina 40th.

The online presence of Argentina can be determined through the D2 Digital Demand’s Country Index. Argentina’s overall ranking of 22nd can be divided into five dimensions; exports, investment, tourism, talent, and prominence, of which prominence scored most positively.

Last updated in April 2020. More country profiles here.

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