Conceptual Clarity on the Difference Between Place Promotion, Marketing and Branding: Martin Boisen

With terms like place marketing, place promotion and place branding being tossed around frequently (leading to much damage when projects fail or expectations cannot be met as a consequence), conceptual clarity is more important than ever.

A leading place branding researcher and advisor, Martin Boisen shares his thoughts on the matter in the latest episode of Aleks Vladimirov’s podcast, Adapt Inc. Places.

Conceptual clarity

Alex’s discussion with Martin centres around an academic paper which Martin co-authored, that has helped the discipline better understand the difference between:

  • Place promotion
  • Place Marketing
  • Place Branding

The paper titled Reframing place promotion, place marketing, and place branding – moving beyond conceptual confusion handles key issues, many of which are addressed in the overall two podcast episodes with Martin.

The first part (episode) focuses on Martin’s approach to distinguishing between the concepts, followed in the second part with a practitioner-oriented discussion about how this conceptual clarity affects place brand developers, managers and advisors.

Listen to the first part of the conversation here.

Listen to part two here.

Martin Boisen panelAbout Martin Boisen

Martin is a Danish geographer who lives and works in the beautiful city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. He is the vice chairman of the International Place Branding Association, which organizes an annual conference (2019 in Greece) where latest research insights are shared and key issues discussed.

Martin Boisen is also a long-time member of the TPBO’s global panel of place brand specialists, having shared his thoughts on pressing issues and hot topics posed to the panel over the last years.

More about his work also on his website.

Aleks VladimirovAbout the Adapt Inc. Places podcast

The Adapt Inc. Places podcast helps Aleks reach out to others interested in his area of PhD research. He is interested in understanding how people make place-related decisions. Aleks is a digital user experience (UX) researcher in his day job and interested in championing the UX of places.

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