Place Branding Podcasts

Place branding isn’t just about strategies and devising innovative communications campaigns. It is first and foremost about stories: stories of communities – their hardships and successes – and of individuals who are leading, helping, disrupting, mending. The following podcasts are about such stories: a collection curated by The Place Brand Observer for place makers, managers, marketers and developers.

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AdaptInc podcast by Aleks VladimirovAdapt Inc. Places: Crisis Communication with Gunter Soydanbay

By Aleks Vladimirov | Listen here

In this Episode of the Adapt Inc. Places Podcast Gunter Soydanbay, a strategist with a background in psychology, talks to us about some simple tools that you can apply in order to communicate clearly during times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Gunter is an insight-filled brand strategist who has worked with big brands, complex stakeholder organizations, and places alike.

Reimagining the Soul of DC city podcast

Reimagining DC: Soul of the City

By Jeannette Hanna of Trajectory | Listen here

“The Washington, DC region has undergone a dramatic renaissance in the past 20 years. However, some established or older neighborhoods and jurisdictions have been left behind and continue to struggle.

Ikonicast takes you behind the city’s iconic monuments to uncover the District of Columbia’s brand trajectory, from bankruptcy to a thriving metropolis. Ikonicast speaks to Rich Bradley and Monica Ray about reimagining the DC experience, local empowerment, and the spicy politics of “mumbo” sauce.”