Poland Country Performance, Nation Brand Strength and Reputation

Poland: a good country for doing business? Is it easy to be an entrepreneur there? What about its political culture? Is Poland an international, open country? Answers to those questions and more in our summary of reports, studies and rankings on Poland’s national performance, country brand and reputation.

Learn about:

  • Business environment
  • Talent
  • International presence and openness
  • Environmental performance and tourism
  • Contribution to global wellbeing

Doing business in Poland

As per The Global Competitiveness Report, Poland is the 39th country in terms of business environment, dropping three positions since the last edition, but still better than its all-time lowest position in this report (41).

World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business study ranks Poland at 33rd position. This is a very low performance compared with the rest of the region. Also, the country shows an especially low performance in the categories of Starting a Business (121st), Paying Taxes (69th) and Protecting Minority Investors (57th). On the other hand, like all the members of the European Union, it is ranked 1st for Trade Across Borders.

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