Place Brand Researchers

Get to know researchers around the world specialized in topics such as place branding, economic development, place marketing, public diplomacy, talent attraction, tourism, destinations and sustainability.

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Efe Sevin

Efe’s research focuses on the measurement and assessment processes in place branding and public diplomacy campaigns. His current research focuses on the development and branding strategies used by small urban centers that are in close proximity to metropolitan centers.

Heather SkinnerHeather Skinner

Since 2011 Heather has been researching issues concerning the future of tourism in Corfu. This work has been undertaken alongside her main research into other place management and marketing issues, with a current focus on responsible tourism.

Joao FreireJoao Freire

Joao’s greatest interest is in branding and, more specifically, place branding. After years of quantitative and qualitative research, Joao has developed new ideas and unique methodologies for place brand identity construction.

Magdalena FlorekMagdalena Florek

Magdalena’s main research interests are:

  • Place branding effectiveness/measurement/performance
  • Place/destination brand identity and image
  • Place brand equity
  • Place/destination brand experience
  • Place-of-origin effect

Martin Boisen panelMartin Boisen

As a scholar, Martin has mainly studied why and how place marketing and place branding originated and evolved as managerial and professional disciplines in North-western Europe, and how this relates to our general understanding of place management and place governance.

Mihalis KavaratzisMihalis Kavaratzis

Mihalis’ research focuses on the theory and application of place marketing and place branding. His interests include tourism destination marketing and the study of destination images.

Robert Govers panelRobert Govers

Robert’s key research areas:

  • Marketing versus branding
  • Image versus identity
  • Perceived versus projected image
  • Boosterish versus action communication
  • Bland versus imaginative communities

Sebastian Zenker panelSebastian Zenker

In his current research, Sebastian concentrates on places as brands and on the management of such place brands. He is also interested in tourism and destination branding, especially in the differences between the place perception between tourists and residents – and the issue of overtourism.

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