Our Services

In addition to supporting your work by offering access to our rich knowledge base and collection of place branding strategies, examples and research insights, here’s how we can help you make your city, region, country or destination more resilient, sustainable, attractive, competitive.

Information Scout

You have a specific question linked to place branding? For you we will go through our well-stocked knowledge base to find answers. Or ask our panel. Save time, energy and money by letting us help.

Recent client: City/Destination in Denmark

Strategy Advice

Want to know how well your place brand strategy compares to other examples around the world? Whether you are missing any important aspect? Your client is asking for an independent opinion? We can help.

Recent client: Berlin City Government

Place Brand Monitoring

What do international rankings, indices and studies say about your city or country? How do well-travelled, experienced place brand professionals think about your place and brand? What about online and social media buzz? Those are the kind of questions we can help you answer.

Recent client: Costa Rica (country and destination perception survey)


Through our profiles of companies and speakers we help you reach potential clients – or find the right person to support your project. If you are looking for someone with a specific profile, please contact us.


You are organizing an event, published a new book or are offering a service which you think would be useful for our readers? Let us help you spread the word! Get in touch here

Recent clients: Nordic Place Branding Conference, UP THERE Everywhere

NEW: Place Brand Showcase Profiles

You have done good place branding work and want the world to know about it? Our new place brand showcase pages allow you to do just that! Please get in touch for details.

NEW: Fam Trips

You’d like to show us your place branding initiatives in your city or destination? Please email Florian.