Our Services

In addition to supporting your work by offering access to our rich knowledge base and collection of place branding strategies, examples and research insights, here’s how we can help you make your city, region, country or destination more resilient, sustainable, attractive, competitive.

Information scout

You have a specific question about place branding, are looking for suitable examples or a specialist for your place brand project? For you we will dive into our well-stocked knowledge base. Save time, energy and money by letting us help.

Recent client: Head of State Brand Project, Tourism Tasmania (Australia)

Place image and brand perception surveys

Want to know what experienced professionals think about your city, destination or country? We can help by asking our global audience of engaged readers and followers, or by surveying our virtual panels of place branding specialists and destination sustainability experts.

Recent client: Costa Rica (country and destination perception survey)


Through our company profiles and speaker profiles we help you reach potential clients.


You are organizing an event, want to promote a new book or seminar? Let us help you spread the word by featuring your banner on PlaceBrandObserver.com. Get in touch here

Recent client: Liverpool Place Branding Conference