Our Services

In addition to supporting your work by offering access to our online library with place branding strategies, examples and research insights, here’s what else we ca do for you:

Telling Your Place (Brand) Story

Your city, region, destination or country is doing something extraordinary, especially innovative or imaginative to strengthen community identity, uniqueness or appeal? Then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us for details.

We recently published special reports on Peru (as country), Chile (as destination), Uruguay (as country) and the Algarve in Portugal (destination).


For our special reports and storytelling service we usually visit cities, destinations or countries first and meet with relevant persons, before conducting in-depth interviews and publishing: TPBO on TOUR.

Information Scout

You have a specific question, for example how to create a strong place brand, how to maintain it, organize it, or how to address common issues and pitfalls? For you we will go through our well-stocked knowledge base to find answers. Or ask our panel of experts. Save time and nerves, contact us now.

Recent client: City destination in Denmark

Strategy Advice

Place branding is a tricky business and shouldn’t be done without external advice. In our directory we offer a list of specialized consultants who can save you a lot of trouble and money.

You are looking for an independent opinion on your strategy or proposal? We can help. Please write us, describing your situation here.

Recent client: Consultancy developing strategy for Berlin City Government

Place Brand Research

What do international rankings, indices and studies say about your city or country? How do well-traveled, experienced place brand professionals think about your place and its brand?

Those are the kind of questions we love to investigate, and can help you answer. Email us to find out more.

Recent client: Costa Rica (country and destination perception survey)


Through our profiles of specialized consultancies and recommended speakers we help you find the right partner or advisor for your situation. Or, assist you in reaching potential clients.

If you are looking for someone with a specific profile or in a specific location, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Recent client: Maldives


You are organizing an event, published a new book or are offering a service which you think would be useful for our readers? Let us help you spread the word! Get in touch here

Recent clients: Hoyne (The Place Economy), Nordic Place Branding Conference