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Amelia Green

Differentiating the Place Brand: Insights from the Revived Gold Coast (Australia) City Brand Story

Amelia Green reflects on the role of city brand storytellers in place branding, and illustrates how storytelling can be enhanced by local media, such as in the case of Blank GC, reviving the Gold Coast city brand story.

Public-Private Spaces: How Cafés Could Inspire Place Branding

Amelia Green explores how cafés, dancing the divide between private and public space, could inspire place branding in Australia and beyond.

The Value of Fluid and Dense Place Brandscapes

How fluid and dense place brandscapes can support city brand co-creation - Amelia Green of Griffith University (Australia) investigates.

Placemaking Week 2016: Could Place Branding Make Cities Happy?

Fresh from Placemaking Week 2016, Amelia Green examines the opportunities of public spaces, happy cities and active transportation for place branding.

Graffiti, Place Brand Authenticity and Creative Placemaking

Is commissioning graffiti authentic? And how can it support city brands? Amelia Green examines graffiti from a place branding perspective, with examples from Manila and Australia.

City Branding: To Flag or Not to Flag?

To flag or not to flag? Amelia Green investigates how city flags are used for place branding in cities such as Chicago (USA) and Gold Coast, Australia.
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