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Trajectory Brand Consultants

Trajectory place brand strategy consultants in Toronto, Canada: brand builders working at the intersection of commerce, culture and community.

Natasha Grand on Creating Place Identity

Natasha Grand of the Institute for Identity (INSTID), on place identity creation as tool to guide locals to their greater purpose, and to unlock their self-esteem. Learn why place identity work will be needed even more in a post-industrial world.

Gonzalo Brujó on Place Branding Strategies and Factors Determining Brand Strength

Gonzalo Brujó of Interbrand Consultancy, about how to measure the effectiveness and ROI of place branding, and the value of country brands.

7 Tips on How to Choose a Place Brand Consultant

7 tips for place marketers and brand managers on how to choose a branding consultant for your city, region, country or destination.

9 Key Differences Between Advertising Agencies and Brand Consultancies

Marcus Osborne presents nine key differences between advertising agencies and brand consultancies. Highly recommended reading for those in charge of the brand development and management of cities, regions or destinations.

Jose Filipe Torres on the Branding and Digital Reputation of Countries, Regions and Cities

Jose Filipe Torres in this interview discusses the growing importance of the branding and digital reputation of cities, regions and countries.
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