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Jeremy Hildreth, the Indiana Jones of Branding

Jeremy Hildreth, "the Indiana Jones of Branding" in this interview discusses his work as place brand consultant and shares his thoughts on Simon Anholt and Wally Olins.

Keith Dinnie, Place Branding Scholar and Advisor

Keith Dinnie in this interview shares his thoughts on the evolution of city branding practice and nation branding strategies, and offers best practice examples.

Destination Branding Challenges – How to Overcome Them

Destination branding challenges and how to overcome them - tips and advice from leading experts and consultants on successful destination brand development.

Marcus Andersson on Talent Attraction and Place Attractiveness

Meet Marcus Andersson, co-founder of Future Place Leadership (formerly Tendensor International): adviser, writer and speaker on the attractiveness and reputation of places.

Bernhard Klein, City and Destination Branding Consultant

Branding consultant Bernhard Klein on his work for Vienna city and its destination brand. Read about his thoughts on place branding and benefit from his expert advice.

Mihalis Kavaratzis on How to Succeed in Place Marketing

Professor Mihalis Kavaratzis discusses the future of place marketing and why we need to rethink place branding.
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