Marcus Andersson on Talent Attraction and Place Attractiveness

Marcus Andersson, co-founder of Future Place Leadership (formerly Tendensor International), in this interview shares his thoughts on place marketing, place management and inter-regional branding in the Nordic region.

Learn about:

  • What place branding is all about, and what it isn't;
  • The main differences between nation branding and place branding;
  • Why there is so much interest in place branding in Northern Europe;
  • Which new opportunities inter-regional place branding offers;
  • Which social media he follows and which Twitter hashtags to keep an eye on.

Marcus, a few words about your current projects?

We are currently doing a few projects on helping regions become more attractive to international talent, which involve both the external perspective of attracting through marketing and also improving the capacity of the region to provide a good reception and help those coming to settle in and integrate.

We are also doing a development project on ‘business attraction management’ together with 21 cities and regions from the Nordic countries. The aim is to develop new approaches and tools for investment promotion. In addition, we are involved in several place brand strategy projects at the moment.

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The Editorial Team

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