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corona pandemic

How to Attract and Retain Talent During the Pandemic: Strategies and Examples

Key insights and advice from are recent webinar by Future Place Leadership on how to attract and retain talent during the coronavirus pandemic, with examples from talent attraction organizations in Europe.

Current State of Peacefulness Around the World: Key Insights from Global Peace Index 2020

How peaceful is the world? Which countries are leading, which facing challenges, as we emerge from the coronavirus situation? Global Peace Index 2020 highlights.

Webinar: Talent Attraction During COVID-19 – How European Regions Do It

Talent attraction and -retention and how regions can collaborate: the focus of a webinar by Future Place Leadership, taking place June 18th 2020.

Corona Pandemic: What it Means for Place Branding Community

Corona pandemic: how is it affecting the place branding community? How are place brand professionals and organizations responding? Might place branding even be crucial at time of recovery from COVID-19? Here's what the TPBO community thinks.

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