Webinar: Talent Attraction During COVID-19 – How European Regions Do It

Collaboration across municipal boundaries and regions – even countries – is a trend in place branding, and one likely to intensify during and after the coronavirus pandemic. More and more regions and cities realize that they can achieve more by smartly working together with others. One such example is the recently established European Talent Mobility Forum: eight regions across Europe collaborating on talent mobility and -attraction.

The thing is – people (“the workforce”) are increasingly mobile and less likely to want to stick around one particular city for an entire career or life. Taking for granted that talent will move, why not work together as regions or cities, and make it easy and appealing? Mutual benefit and synergy gains are guaranteed.

Our Nordic friends and talent attraction management specialists, Future Place Leadership are the leading advisors and networkers on this intriguing topic in Europe, with a stellar track record of making good things happen (such as the “high-level and at the same time down-to-earth” annual Nordic Place Branding Conference).

COVID has inspired Pärtel-Peeter, Morten and the team to ask bold questions:

  • Why talk talent attraction and retention, when our economies are threatened and companies fighting for survival?
  • Why talk about mobility when we are isolated?
  • Why talk about international talent and relocation when borders are closed?

Their verdict: “now more than ever, it is time for places to step up and implement the right strategy and operational activities to retain and attract the competences needed to recover and create the growth of tomorrow post COVID-19.”

How? Find out in the webinar on June 18th (1-2.30pm CET), featuring:

  • Alex Knowles, Copenhagen Capacity: “How to run international talent attraction campaigns while borders are closed”
  • Ivan Jiménez Aira, Bizkaia Talent: “Utilizing technology tools in times of limited mobility”
  • Triin Visnapuu-Sepp, Work in Estonia: “How Estonia hacked the crisis”
  • Richard Kerste, Brainport Einhoven: “Triple helix collaboration on talent retention in times of crisis”
  • Niklas Delersjö, Move to Gothenburg: “Keep and develop your global talents during the crisis”
  • Morten King-Grubert, Future Place Leadership: “This is what the best of best are doing”

Register for the webinar here

If you cannot make it: Morten will share a few key insights from the webinar towards the end of June. Watch this space!

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More about Future Place Leadership here


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