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Gunter Soydanbay

How to Communicate Clearly in Times of Crisis: Günter Soydanbay

How to communicate clearly in times of crisis? The Canadian psychologist and brand strategist Gunter Soydanbay explains in the Adapt Inc. Places podcast, hosted by Aleks Vladimirov.

How to Use Storytelling for Place Branding: Five Ways to Spread Place Stories

Günter Soydanbay on why the act of creating place strategy is too important to be left to the city officials and why storytelling is the often missing link among key decision-makers and the locals.

How to Build Successful Place Brand Relationships in 3 Steps: Tips for Place Branders and Marketers

“What is a mother?” asks Clotaire Rapaille, the famous marketing consultant. He, then, answers by quoting the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss: “A mother is...

How Gamified Placemaking Can Reconnect Us with Cities

Gamified placemaking is the focus of this post by Günter Soydanbay: a reflection on how we build and organize our cities, how we lost the genius loci, the send of city, and how placemaking strategies can help us reconnect with our urban environment.

NEOM: A Tale of Archetypes – Arcadia and Utopia

NEOM as the tale of two archetypes: Gunter Soydanbay in this essay examines the vision of the planned mega city in Saudi Arabia by means of its underlying archetypes: arcadia and utopia.

A Systemic Analysis of Overtourism and Tourismophobia: And What Destinations Can Do About It

Gunter Soydanbay analyzes the root causes of overtourism and tourismophobia, and offers destinations possible solutions, drawing on behavioral psychology.
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