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Eytan Schwartz on Tel Aviv, City Branding and Talent Attraction

Eytan Schwartz, CEO of Tel Aviv Global, in this interview illustrates how the city branding and reputation of Tel Aviv has evolved over time.

Israel Country Performance, Economic Competitiveness, Brand Image and Reputation

Snapshot of Israel country performance, economic competitiveness, nation brand value and reputation, according to international indices and studies on livability, economic development, environmental performance, happiness and more.

NEOM: A Tale of Archetypes – Arcadia and Utopia

NEOM as the tale of two archetypes: Gunter Soydanbay in this essay examines the vision of the planned mega city in Saudi Arabia by means of its underlying archetypes: arcadia and utopia.

Branding AINNIA: A Fairy-Tale Place That Never Came True

Jeremy Hildreth shares the story of AINNIA, a never realized fairy-tale place in the United Arab Emirates for which he developed the place branding strategy.

Eli Avraham on Place Image and Media Coverage of Cities and Countries

Eli Avraham of Haifa University in Israel shares his views on media coverage of cities and countries, and how place branding can help overcome a negative image.

Joao Freire on Place Branding Practices in Portugal and the Middle East

Joao Freire in this interview shares his thoughts on place branding and marketing in Portugal, Africa and the Middle East.
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