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place management

Destination Recovery Strategies Post-Covid: Expert Advice

Hjörtur Smárason, CEO of Visit Greenland, shares tips for destination managers how to prepare for tourism after the pandemic, which key points to keep in mind.

Which Are the Pros and Cons of Membership-Based Place Brand Organizations?

Pros and cons of membership-based place brand organizations, according to our panel of place branding experts around the world.

Heather Skinner Researcher Profile

Heather Skinner as researcher focuses on place management, marketing, branding, culture and responsible tourism. More in her researcher profile.

Overtourism: How Does it Affect Destination Reputation and Competitiveness?

Snapshot of expert views on how overtourism affects destination reputation and competitiveness, and how strategic place branding (including place making), together with innovative destination marketing strategies can help.

Conny Moonen of Connect Limburg on Cross-Border Regional Branding in Europe

Conny Moonen, Head of Connect Limburg, the Dutch region's place brand management organization, discusses regional branding challenges, opportunities and trends.

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