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Place Marketing

Measuring Place Branding Success: Challenges

Knowing what a place branding programme or a place marketing campaign has accomplished is important to determine its effectiveness. Depending on the objectives at...

Place Branding Accountability: Why and How to Measure Success

Measuring the success of place branding and place marketing initiatives is no easy task. We asked our international panel of experts what success entails, and how to keep track of it.

Eva Jilkén on How to Attract Talent to the Countryside: Example Landsbyggare in Sweden

Eva Jilkén shares how the concept of Landsbygarre has helped the scenic countryside of the High Coast of Sweden to attract talent and driven entrepreneurs ready to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle close to nature.

Brian Mullis on How Guyana Promotes Sustainable Tourism Through Innovative Destination Marketing and Management

Brian T. Mullis in this interview shares how the South American country Guyana approaches sustainable destination development by focusing on community-based tourism and value over volume in its destination marketing.

Guðrið Højgaard on How the Faroe Islands Use Smart Destination Marketing for Sustainable Tourism Management

Guðrið Højgaard in this interview illustrates how the Faroe Islands are using innovative destination marketing and place branding to promote responsible tourism and the sustainable development of the North Atlantic archipelago.

Piotr Lutek on Place Branding in Poland: Challenges, Success Strategies and Trends

Piotr Lutek of Synergia in Lublin in this interview discusses the current state of place marketing and branding in Poland and Eastern Europe, and shares his thoughts on city branding trends, challenges and success strategies.
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