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How Cities, Regions and Countries Measure the Success of Place Branding Initiatives and Place Marketing Campaigns

Examples of how cities, regions and countries are measuring the success and effectiveness of place branding initiatives and place marketing campaigns.

Measuring Place Branding Success: Challenges

Knowing what a place branding programme or a place marketing campaign has accomplished is important to determine its effectiveness. Depending on the objectives at...

Place Branding Accountability: Why and How to Measure Success

Measuring the success of place branding and place marketing initiatives is no easy task. We asked our international panel of experts what success entails, and how to keep track of it.

Eva Jilkén on How to Attract Talent to the Countryside: Example Landsbyggare in Sweden

Eva Jilkén shares how the concept of Landsbygarre has helped the scenic countryside of the High Coast of Sweden to attract talent and driven entrepreneurs ready to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle close to nature.

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