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Turkey Country Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Turkey country performance, nation brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on livability, sustainability, nation brand value, economic development, tourism and more.

Onur Eryüce on How City Diplomacy is Helping Izmir Build its Global Influence and Soft Power

Onur Eryüce on how Izmir in Turkey is practicing city diplomacy, and the benefits of open data and collaboration among cities for strengthening urban sustainable development.

Country-of-Origin Branding: The Story of Turkey, Kernel & Roast

How country-of-origin can be used to brand a store, and how branded stores can feed back into the strength and reputation of a country's brand: example of Turkey and Kenel & Roast's flagship store in London, UK.

Ruya Yuksel on Why City Branding Needs to Team Up with Urban Sociology

Ruya Yuksel in this interview looks at city branding from an urban sociology point of view, reminds us of the role of identity with place brands, and explains why consistency and long-term thinking are the key to success.

How to Use Storytelling for Place Branding: Five Ways to Spread Place Stories

Günter Soydanbay on why the act of creating place strategy is too important to be left to the city officials and why storytelling is the often missing link among key decision-makers and the locals.

Stella Kladou on How Culture Impacts City Branding

Stella Kladou in this interview discusses among other topics the role of culture in city branding, destination marketing trends and the current practice of place branding in Turkey.
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