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Begüm Tatari on the Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategy of the City of Izmir in Turkey

Begüm Tatari in this interview shares her experience of helping the Turkish city of Izmir with its city branding strategy and implementing its city marketing, especially the bid to be host city of the EXPO 2020.

Efe Sevin on Exurban Place Branding Opportunities, Brand America and the American Dream

Efe Sevin in this interview discusses exurban place branding opportunities, city brand strategies and differences in public diplomacy approaches in the US, Turkey and Sweden. He also shares his thoughts on Brand America and the American Dream.

Günter Soydanbay on How to Succeed in City Branding, with Lessons from Turkey

Günter Soydanbay in this interview discusses city branding challenges and approaches, and shares valuable insights from his work with cities such as Izmir and Gaziantep in Turkey.

Promoting Destination Turkey in Israel: Lessons Learned

Daniel Zimet in this guest post illustrates how hosting cultural events helped his agency to accomplish the challenging task of promoting Destination Turkey to an Israeli audience, how politics put the branding and marketing success in jeopardy, and the two key lessons he has learned.

The Changing Face of Post-Coup Turkey

Samantha North reflects on the changing face of post-coup Turkey, and how recent developments in the country have impacted its image abroad.

Three Steps for Turkey to Reposition its Brand Image in Time of Coup

Efe Sevin suggests three steps for Turkey to proactively manage its deteriorating country brand image in time of coup.
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