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World Expo

World Expo: Opportunity for City Branding? Podcast Ep. 14

World expos - are they a good opportunity for city branding, and what are the potential risks? Find out in this Place Brand Leaders podcast episode.

Vilma Jurkute on How Alserkal in Dubai is Reimagining Cultural Spaces for Urban Sustainability

Vilma Jurkute in this interview reflects on the role of culture and the arts in urban development and city branding, and shares key insights she's gained through her work as Director of Dubai's premier cultural institution, Alserkal.

How Expos Can Serve as Opportunity for Citizen Involvement and Place Branding

Expos as opportunity for citizen involvement and place branding is the topic of research presented by Magdalena Florek and Marta Herezniak in the academic journal 'Place Branding & Public Diplomacy'. Summary Research findings and implications for Expo planners and city managers.

8 Things You Should Know About Nation Branding

Nation branding has become a popular concept. Jay Wang, Director of the USC Center for Public Diplomacy in the USA points out 8 things you need to know.
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