Uruguay Country Performance, Brand Stength and Reputation

Uruguay: what do international rankings and reports say about Uruguay's economic performance, its attractiveness for investors, visitors, or people looking for a new home? How strong is its country brand and reputation as democratic nation?

Find answers to those questions and more in this overview of studies measuring country performance, brand strength and reputation.

Doing business in Uruguay

Uruguay is ranked 52nd in the 2018 edition of The Global Competitiveness Index. This shows a performance that is above many of the Latin American economies measured by the study; despite the drop of three positions since the last edition.

World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index ranks Uruguay in the 95th position. Some specific areas of the index show that Uruguay is creating a favorable environment for starting a business (65th position) but has some issues when it comes to construction permits (155th), registering property (115th), protecting minority investors (132nd) and paying taxes (101st position).

Talent in Uruguay

Tata Corporation, in its annual benchmark study about global talent competitiveness, in its last edition placed Uruguay in the 44th position, based on a very good performance in attracting talent (28th), retaining talent (31st), as well as talent growth (39th). However, the country does not perform equally well in areas such as VT Skills (75th) or GK Skills (70th).

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