Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice (2nd Edition)

Nation Branding -book by Keith Dinnie 2nd editionFollowing our interview with Keith Dinnie, here comes a brief introduction and summary of his latest book, Nation Branding – Concepts, Issues, Practice (2nd edition, 2015, Routledge).

Many governments have invested in nation branding in order to strengthen their country’s influence, improve its reputation, or boost tourism, trade and investment.

This new edition has been comprehensively revised and its influential original framework modified to reflect the very latest changes to this still-developing field. It remains an accessible blend of theory and practice rich with international examples and contributions.

Updates to the second edition:

  • New international cases of countries as diverse as China, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Cuba, India, Great Britain and many more;
  • New contributions from distinguished scholars, diplomats and business people providing a range of case studies, practitioner insights and academic perspectives;
  • New Companion Website to support the book, featuring instructor aids such as PowerPoint presentations for each chapter and an instructor manual.


Bill Baker, author of Destination Branding for Small Cities:

“In the Second Edition of Nation Branding – Concepts, Issues, Practice, Keith Dinnie has advanced the conversation on branding countries in a number of interesting ways. By engaging the perspectives and experience of an eclectic group of international academics and practitioners he provides one of the most insightful treatises on the subject to date. This new edition will enable readers to explore new theories, concepts and frameworks to shape nation branding.”

Why the second edition?

Keith Dinnie: My major objective in publishing the first edition of Nation Branding – Concepts, Issues, Practice was a perhaps naïve desire to show policy makers and administrators how to benefit from some fairly simple but well established branding techniques.

But there is still a huge amount of ignorance within city, region and country governments regarding how to adapt the techniques of branding to their own unique contexts. Hence the need for the second edition of the book. The message still hasn’t got through yet.

Read this book to learn about:

  • The relevance, scope and evolution of nation branding
  • Nation brand identity, image and positioning
  • Nation brand equity
  • The country-of-origin effect
  • Nation branding and national identity
  • From country-of-origin and national identity to nation branding
  • Ethical issues in nation branding
  • Pragmatic challenges to the nation branding concept
  • Current practice and future horizons for nation branding

Keith Dinnie place branding scholar advisor and author of Nation Branding - Concepts, Issues, PracticeAbout Keith Dinnie

Keith Dinnie, PhD, is a faculty member at Middlesex University, UK, and the founder of Brand Horizons. Considered one of the world’s leading experts on nation branding, he has published in several international journals, including: International Marketing Review and Journal of Brand Management.

Dinnie has also delivered keynote speeches, workshops, seminars and conference presentations across the world.

Read our interview with Keith Dinnie here


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