Place Branding and the Climate Emergency: Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Three

Place branding and the climate emergency: Our recent white paper on climate change and its implications for place branding is the topic of the third episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast, hosted by Florian Kaefer and produced by Aleks Vladimirov.

For this episode, Florian sat down with Malcolm Allan, President of Bloom Consulting, to discuss how the climate emergency impacts place branding, and what place branders can do to address it.

Why it matters

The climate emergency poses a significant challenge to place branders, demanding a reevaluation of strategies and practices. This crisis requires a shift in how places are marketed and perceived, emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In the podcast, Malcolm Allan underscores the importance of integrating climate-conscious approaches into place branding. This involves not only promoting eco-friendly initiatives but also ensuring that the brand identity of a place aligns with sustainable values and practices.

An essential aspect of this approach is authenticity. Places must not only talk about sustainability but also actively demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship. This could include adopting green energy, supporting local sustainable businesses, or implementing policies that reduce environmental impact. Such actions not only help mitigate the effects of climate change but also enhance the attractiveness of a place to environmentally conscious tourists, investors, and residents.

Furthermore, the podcast highlights the role of collaboration and community involvement in tackling the climate crisis. Place branders are encouraged to engage with local communities, businesses, and stakeholders to develop a unified and effective approach to sustainability. This collective effort can lead to more impactful and long-lasting changes, strengthening the place brand and its appeal to a global audience increasingly concerned about environmental issues.

Listen to the episode HERE (PodBean) or below.

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Benefit from free advice, generously shared by our panel, on how to deal with the climate emergency: how it affects place branding and how the latter can help to address it.

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