Climate Emergency: What Place Branders Can Do Right Now

The focus of this blog post is on the key role which place brand strategists and brand managers can play in helping their city or region to recognise the value and importance of including in those strategies and their communications about them, the action they are taking in mitigating the threats and challenges of the climate emergency..

To define this role let’s start with a basic question - what is it that place brand strategists do? Well….we help places to define their offer, to identify and understand the target market audiences for that offer, to identify proposals for improving or increasing the offer, to communicate the offer to the audiences, telling engaging stories about it, and working with providers of the offer to manage it effectively and identify new providers to help build the offer.

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Malcolm Allan

Malcolm Allan is the President of Bloom Consulting, a country region and city brand strategy consultancy which he joined in 2018 when he merged his own consultancy, Placematters with it. Malcolm has worked in the UK for both central and local governments and as a private consultant.