My Short Introduction to Country Branding: In The Place Economy Book by Hoyne

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Branding with borders – is a short introduction to the fascinating endeavor of country branding which I contributed to Andrew Hoyne‘s latest publication. In Place Economy, Volume 2, his team takes us on tour around Australia and beyond to see how communities are being connected and brands established. A must read for placemaking professionals and aficionados.

In the chapter, I share some of the many insights collected through over 5 years of listening to world’s leading thinkers and practitioners involved with country branding – and observing country brand approaches and strategies around the globe.

The printed book just made it to my address in Switzerland and is a fascinating read – a great gift and addition to the first volume – both available via the Hoyne website. Book sales go to Habitat for Humanity, so you’re not just getting yourself a really nice piece of work and source of inspiration, but also helping communities in need.

Andrew HoyneTip: Andrew is available as speaker. If you’d like your team or community to benefit from latest insights into placemaking from a practitioner’s point of view, with years of experience at the coalface of building and strengthening place brands, then Andy is your best bet in Australia.

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