Andrew Hoyne Speaker Profile

Andrew is the Founder and Principal of brand agency Hoyne. Hoyne are well known as a brand and marketing agency, whose core focus is place and property. Andrew works with major Australian and international asset owners, developers and local councils to create recognisable landmarks and destinations across the Eastern Seaboard; from residential towers and masterplanned communities to commercial developments, new mixed-use precincts, and even cities.

Over the years, Andrew has developed a profound belief in the power of place, and the categorical link between good placemaking and significantly higher profits (both economic and social). It’s a passion that has led him to produce The Place Economy, a 400-page resource book that presents thought-leadership on best practice placemaking from around the world. It shows that investment in better places leads to greater profit for developers and investors, and results in economies that perform better and communities that are happier and healthier.

This year alone Andy has been asked to speak at over 30 local and international conferences and events, including the International Urban Design Conference, the ICTC Mainstreet Conference, SXSW in Austin, Texas. Andy has also spoken at industry events in New Zealand, Singapore, Dublin, Washington and New York.

Based in Sydney, Australia.

Speaking topics:

Place branding, Place VisioningTM, storytelling, future trends, regional development and regeneration, talent attraction, creativity and innovation, profitable placemaking.

Andrew offers keynote speeches, masterclasses, panel moderation and workshops.


1. Not just the icing on the cake: examining the role of creativity and innovation in place branding strategies

In today’s competitive climate, creativity and innovation are crucial ingredients for communities, precincts, suburbs, cities and countries to attract and retain talent. Creative industries, including the arts, media, architecture and design, are an economic powerhouse far greater than people imagine. Nations that score better on the Global Creative Index have proven higher levels of economic output as well as equality, human development, happiness and wellbeing. As a result, the role of place branding and its ability to both inspire and reflect creativity and innovation, has become more vital than ever before.

In this insightful and inspiring presentation Andrew will explain how business typically looks at creativity as an afterthought rather than a driver of growth and understanding. It’s seen as the icing on the cake. But what if it was the cake too?

Using a series of international case studies, showcasing place brands that have championed creativity and innovation, Andrew will illustrate how these industries can become the engine rooms of urban regeneration and economic vitality.

2. Invest in a vison and profit from the results

In this talk Andrew will look at how our traditional live/work/shop/play landscape has changed forever. What was the status quo is now stale, and developers need new tools to achieve a better outcome in the future. Which is why Hoyne has developed an approach called Place Visioning™.

Andrew will explain how in order to realise value, support decision-making and mitigate risk, a place vision should be the first consideration. This process creates a blueprint that guides and shapes the development. Resolving this early is fundamental to successfully identifying anchors and establishing the ‘magnets’ (amenity; public realm; retail; F&B) that will attract people to a place or precinct.

Using a series of international case studies Andrew will show how a place vision can successfully be created and used to mitigate risk and increase the social and economic value of a development.

Speaker characteristics:

#passionate #insightful #inspiring #revolutionary #practical

Interested in booking Andrew as speaker? Please get in touch here. Read our 2017 interview with him here or visit the Hoyne website for details on services offered.